For 16 pieces: Butter-80 gr. Milk-200 ml. Sugar-2 tbsp. Salt – 1 tsp. Yeast – 2 tsp. Egg – 1 PC. Flour-430 gr. Cooking oil Cinnamon for taste Put 80 gr in a saucepan. butter. Melt it briefly pozurite still on fire. Add 200 ml of milk, 2 tablespoons of sugar. 1 tsp salt andRead More


For 7 pieces: Cottage cheese-200 gr. Flour-20 gr. Sugar-20 gr. Coconut shavings-20 gr. Egg – 1 PC. In a deep bowl, pour 200 gr of cottage cheese. Add 20 g of sugar. 20 gr of coconut shavings and 20 gr of flour. Break the egg. Mix well. Now use your hands to form the cakes.Read More